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Mythic Tarot Card Reading

Tuesday 5th March 2013.


I held the cards in my hands and asked for guidance. My goodness, I'm not sure if Spirit is trying to tell me something...however I am taking the reading to be one of learning and positivity. Let me know ¬†your thoughts... Card … Continue Reading ››

Host a Tarot Reading Party

1401Reading               If you live within an hour's drive of Liverpool, Sydney NSW and have a small group of your friends who would like to have a Tarot Reading, then please contact us for more details. (Alternatively you may be an hour's drive from Ettalong Beach on weekends … Continue Reading ››

Zen Cards 14th January Reading

1401Reading Today I have chosen a three card reading. Something that has happened recently is that after the shift from the 20/12/12, it appears that there is indeed a feeling of "out with the olde and in with the newe". So today I have … Continue Reading ››

Saturday 5th January

Deck Chosen: Osho Zen Card Chosen: 5 - The Outsider - Rainbows: The Physical Traditional Meaning: The small child in this card is standing on one side of a gate looking through it. He is so small, and so convinced that he cannot get through, he cannot see that the chain holding the gate is not locked; … Continue Reading ››

Welcome to The Home of Spiritar

Among these pages you will find something to comment on, discuss, or simply read and appreciate. We have many topics you may choose to look for in our drop down list of categories on the Right Hand Side. Don't forget to check out our FREE ONE QUESTION READINGS by Sandy Cee and her Spirit Guide Spiritar. … Continue Reading ››

About our Workshops

Are you interested in furthering your spiritual knowledge and experience? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Spirit Connections, we hold many workshops - either one to one, or in groups. Following are some of the workshops we hold at different times.. Meditation Tarot Reading Pyshic Development Reiki Healing - all levels Seichim Healing - all … Continue Reading ››